Meet Amber

Welcome to my website! I am Amber, a  Tarot, Runes and Astral Chart reader.  On this website you will find information, advice and articles related to New Age, Occult, Horoscopes and Spiritual Healing.

Who is Amber Witch?

Amber Witch profile


As a child, I learned cartomancy and runes on my mother’s lap, and just simply fell in love with it. Together with my mother, we also used to read our horoscopes weekly and had a lot of fun together checking how the forecasts went. That fun and mutual understanding showed me the way to an open mind and wider curiosity, so I decided to learn more on Astrology and Tarot.

Then, the hobby became a passion.  After a while, people started to ask me for advice, to check their kids’ astral charts, to do a reading here and there, so I decided to start this blog as a personal project.  I enjoy connecting with oracles and with people interested in what I do and love, and helping others live a better life.  This website, Amber Witch (not related to the novel), is a  book with info regarding my passions: Runes, Tarot, stars, magic and helping people in their personal and spiritual growth.

When I am not divining, you can find me reading (self-confessed bookworm) and trying new recipes for my family and friends – even better if chocolate is involved!.

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