Celebrate Beltane!

Why do we celebrate Beltane?


Beltane is one of the four Fire Festivals (with Imbolc, Lammas/Lughnasadh and Samhain). It marks the beginning of summer (and the second half of the Celtic Year). This festival is associated with fire, as an element of purification and protection and with the fertility of the season.

During these days, the cattle was driven out to their pastures again, and to ensure their protection from magical and supernatural dangers, they were driven through the Belfires, and being blessed with their smoke. This protected them from illness, mischivous Fairy Folk and bad witches. Protection, health and fertility were paramount.

The Young God (now a man) and the Goddess celebrate and consumate their union, bringing fertility to the land.

We celebrate the protective and generative powers of the Sun, represented by fire. It is a special time for protection, maturity, enlightment, health and fertility spells of any kind. Great for sexual spells and Faerie Magic.


Celtic Lovers

Celtic Lovers

Keywords for Beltane


Protection, health, fertility, maturity, commitment.

  • Plants: any associated with the Sun or fire, either by color, shape or tradition (sunflower, rowan, gorse, primrose, hawthorn, marsh marigold, etc).
  • Herbs: elder leaves, daffodil, curry, coriander, dragon’s blood reed, fireweed, flaxseed, almond, radish, rose.
  • Incense: sexual or sensual oriented (Ylang-Ylang, Vanilla, Rose, Anise, Patchouli) and for health and protection (Coconut, Sandalwood, Lemon, Lavender) .  You can read more about incense and how scents can set the tone of the energies you want to bring in your spaces here
  • Oils: vanilla, coconut, lemon, sandalwood.
  • Colors: Green, Yellow, Red.
  • Stones: Tourmaline, Garnet, Emerald, Beryl.
  • Beltane Typical foods: eggs, oatmeal and dairy products!
  • Drinks: caudle (a type of eggnog), wine.


Deities associated with Beltane


The God and the Goddess as a couple, Cernunnos the Horned God (Lord of Animals),  the Green Man (Lord of the Forests), Jack-in-the-Green, Creirddylad, Persephone, Freyja, Frigg, Gaia, Isis, Juno, Faeries.


Activities for Beltane


Love magick

Love magick



Bonfires! If you cannot participate in a ceremony or meeting with a bonfire, use candles and incense instead (always be careful when manipulating fire!).

Prepare a Maypole or dress a May Bush with your kids, and dance and sing as you’re at it. Making and wearing flower crowns is also a lovely option!

Cooking oatmeal cakes and foods including dairy products.

Become a seductor o seductress of your partner and enjoy your sexual energy (…with responsibility, please…).

Gather seasonal flowers and herbs, make a picnic, make a wish (preferably for Health) on a Holy Well and leave an offering (that’s why people nowadays make whishes and leave a coin in fountains).

Wash your face in dew on Beltane’s sunrise for beauty during the whole year.

Good moment for vows, commitments and handfasting celebrations, also for focusing on your health.


Psychological and spiritual


Meditate and get in touch with your sexual -and sensual self. Accept and love your body as your wonderful material part in this plane and be grateful for its health and unique beauty. Find if you are incurring in self-destructive talk or behavior and start correcting it.

The energies are wonderful for sexual and love spell work (warning: respect free will!).

If you are initiated in Fae Magic, is a great moment for spells and offerings.

A word of advice: Faerie Folk are not to meddle with if you do not know exactly what you’re doing. Even if they are a strong and beautifully delicate force of nature, they could also be extremely mischivous and downright wicked if not treated properly.

The Fae Folk

The Fae Folk

That said, using bells, preparing a Fairy Garden and a stone circle for them may help you to get in connection with your ethereal side.

Any spell or ceremony aimed to improve health, protection or fertility would be naturally enforced if performed during Beltane.

During every seasonal celebration with energetic impact, I like to perform Runes or Tarot Readings or rituals to attune with the higher energies. You can read more here.  What magical activities have you planned for Beltane? Which is your favorite one? Please let me know!

Lots of Love,

Amber Witch.

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