How reading Runes can help you get the most of a situation, starting today with awesome results

How reading Runes can help you get the most of a situation, starting today with awesome results

Runes, and any other oracular code, are means of self-assessment, to verify our mental, emotional or spiritual status with respect to a particular matter.

Rune stones are an oracular and magical code use by the Vikings, and widespread in the Nordic countries. Many people predict the future with them, which would be consistent with the Viking belief of predestination.

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There are several reason, but for me the most important is that I believe and know for sure that no matter the situation, the decision to face it and solve it or not is in my hands.So What’s the appeal of Runes readings?

A runes reading you can get the following information:

• What the real origin of the situation about which you are referring is.

• How you perceive the situation.  This is not the same as the real cause of it, our subjectivity is always involved, consciously or unconsciously.

• What you contribute or how you are contributing to this situation.

• How other people or external agents influence or contribute to the case.

• What is the “history” of the event.

• What options do you have to choose, and pros and cons of a decision.

• Advice or warnings about your behavior or thinking, or what is best for you at any given time.

• Possible outcome of the situation.

Possible outcome?

Is that to predict the future?!. No, it is used to anticipate a possible future, which is quite different. If a three year old boy climbs on a ladder, you can anticipate that possibly fall off, because even their motor control is not complete or they may be afraid to realize the height at which he arrived and lose control. But if she is a naturally agile, thrown or careful child can get on and off several times and nothing will happen. Normally it does not depend on the ladder, but it depends on the child.

Both the reading and the cartomancy of runes or astrology is presented to the consultant as a possibile future. Just an idea of an outcome, an effect to a cause, which could be behavior or a situation, to allow you to reflect on your own attitude and make the necessary adjustments to get a different result than predicted, if you so decide and wish to.

Therefore, the oracles serve or should serve in our current world as an integral means of assessment and guidance, not only as a means of prediction.

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What topics can consult with Rune readings?

Technically, on any topic: health, money, love (the three classics), personality assessment, travel, professional development, career development and so on.What topics can consult with Rune readings?

However, for several vikti (Runes readers), the goal of the reading should be “useful and worthy”. It is wrong to invest a precious personal and universal energy in trivial issues, nor is it right to intervene in the lives of others, as it would be morally the same as going to her house and read her private journal or review your medical records without your permission.

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