How Tarot helps you meditate and improve you attitude towards a life-changing experience

How Tarot helps you meditate and improve you attitude towards a life-changing experience

Tarot, like Runes, is certainly used for divination. However, the best use for these Oracles is for guidance and meditation.

As an example of how useful and enlightening a Tarot reading could be, I posed a challenging real-life situation and their respective questions seeking for meditative guidance.

I grounded myself and shuffled my cards while concentrating in the questions, and drew a single card for each.

How can we cope with our fears to face this situation better?

The Empress, upright.

the empress amber with tarot readingBe prepared. Plan. Time to be a loving, compassionate manager. Do what has to be done with the love of a mother. Be a caring, supportive spouse or partner. Take care of the family’s comfort. In addition, remember that YOU are important and vital right now, so don’t worry about petty things. Choose to take care of the things that matter: your well being and others around you.

What do we have to learn from this experience?

The Fool, upright.

the fool tarot reading Amber WitchFreedom, true connection with the Divinity, purity of intention, to take the things and situations as they come and make the best of them in new ways. Treasure what matters to you and embrace life as it is. Gratitude for simply being.

What should we be focused on to improve our life and others right now?

Ten of wands, reversed.

ten of wands amber with tarot readingA warning! Do not become workaholic. Avoid blinding yourself with the workload and responsibilities without having certain goals and direction. Avoid taking in more than you can manage. Help others to be aware of the same problem.

That last one is usually a lesson of humility. People always think that they could do more, study more, work more, help more and better, so they should put things in perspective and ask for help when needed. Take care of yourself first to be able to care for others and to encourage others to take better care of themselves.

The two first cards were Major Arcana, indicating that those are Major issues and learning opportunities in life right now. The third one, a Minor Arcane, told us to focus on a day-to-day habit that has to be corrected in order to achieve balance in delicate situations.

3 card tarot reading Amber WitchEven if this advice is powerful and sensible, it’s not going to be useful if you do not meditate and recognize the wrong patterns you’ve using until now. An honest self-assessment is in order, and the decision and responsibility to change is yours and yours alone.

This is a simple, everyday example of how I use Tarot or Runes to meditate and understand what´s really happening. It is mostly a soul-searching trip looking for guidance.

Please, let me know if you’re looking for some help and clarity through Tarot, too.

Lots of Love,

Amber Witch.

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