How to use salt for cleansing – yourself, your home or office – in three easy steps.

How to use salt for cleansing, in three easy steps.

Salt is one of the strongest purifying elements of the esoteric world. You can use it to get rid of the energies that are keeping you stuck. However, you must know how to use their properties the right way or you get yourself exposed to adverse outcomes.

To avoid them, follow this step-by-step, practical mini-guide of what to do before, during and after using salt as an energy purifier:

Cleansing with salt Amber WitchBefore

Set a goal, an intention: what do you want to accomplish with the cleansing?

Select the scents, sounds and colors you will use for reprogramming the energy field. Be careful in the selection, they will help you to achieve the goal or intention you set above. If you have doubts, consult this quick guide.

If you are going to use salt to clean your aura, you should take a normal bath/shower first. Never use salt to clean your auric body if your physical body is not completely clean.

Also, if you are going to use salt to clean a physical space (your home, your office, your business) first thoroughly clean the place, de-clutter the area, and remove diseased or dead plants and any broken object.


Because salt acts cleansing the energies that do not belong to the person or place. However, the bad vibes generated by dirt, clutter, disorder and broken items will be cleaned for a very short length of time, to be generated again immediately, because their physical cause is still present.

Salt Cleansing Amber witch


Be careful not to spill the salt by mistake, but in an intentional and controlled manner, either to use it in the bath/shower as a body scrub, to spread it on the floor of the place you are going to clean or to put a small amount in glass or crystal vessels.


Carelessly spilling salt is considered unlucky.  In ancient times it was considered very valuable, in fact it was used as currency.

Similarly, the salt can serve as a “sterilizing” element at energy level, so if it is not used with control and intention toward a goal, it would become counterproductive. In some cultures, salt was used to symbolically sterilize the land of the houses of those who were infamously convicted, usually for treason, or cursed.


Once you use salt, you should remove it completely, to get it as far as possible of your energy field. Then, you should apply some elements to channel your efforts into your desired goal.

If you used it as body scrub, you must completely remove it from your skin and then apply creams, scented oils (check that they are safe for your skin), rosewater or incense around.

If used to clean your home or other physical space, sweep the salt from the farther back corner of the place towards the entrance, pick it up and place it immediately in the trash – out of your home. The same applies if you placed it in glass or crystal vessels: discard and carefully wash the containers. Then use perfumed cleaning products, essential oils, scented candles or incense in the cleaned areas, according to the goals you have set.


Salt leads the auric field or space purified to a neutral, blank slate-type state, any foreign element that is strong enough will leave its mark in the auric field, setting its energy trends. Therefore, once used salt to purify, you must use scents (essences, incense), sounds (nice music, mantras) and colors to match your aura or the aura of the place with the vibes you want to program.

The used salt is charged with the “bad vibes”, so it is necessary to get it out of your surroundings: body, home, office.

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