Celebrate Ostara!



Celebrate Ostara with these magical activities!


Why do we celebrate Ostara?


Ostara, or the spring equinox marks the time of renewal and rebirth. The days and nights are of equal length. This festival is known as Ostara due to the Teutonic fertility Goddess Eostre.
At this time the earth starts to warm up and becomes a green paradise. Everything is a symbol of fertility. The animals wake from hibernation. It is the festival of joy and romance.
We celebrate the resumption of life after a long period of darkness and cold. The warmth of spring gives life and strength to the earth to begin a new cycle. It is a special time for fertility spells in any of any kind, it is also a time to admire the beautiful creation of nature.


Keywords for Ostara

Awakening, revival, renewal, transformation, balance, rebirth.

  • Plants: seasonal fruit plants, all seasonal flowers, freesias, violets, honeysuckle, narcissus, lily.
  • Herbs: sage, rose, jasmine, strawberry, acorn, crocus, lily, honeysuckle, violets, broom, nutmeg.
  • Incense: incense, sandalwood, rose petals, orange peel, sage, violet, apple, honeysuckle.  You can read more about incense and how scents can set the tone of the energies you want to bring in your spaces here
  • Oils: orange, sandalwood, frankincense, eucalyptus, lemon.
  • Colors: Green, Yellow, Pink, Gold.
  • Stones: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Red Jasper.
  • Ostara Typical foods: eggs, honey cakes, seasonal fruits, seeds, leafy vegetables (salads !!!)
  • Drinks: anything with seasonal fruits!

Deities associated with Ostara


Eostre, Ostara (who is also connected to Ishtar and Astarte), Aries, Artemis, Black Isis, Cybele, Hecate, Moon, Mars, Minerva, and Morrigan.  It is a time to honor Cernunnos the Horned God,  Lord of Animals, and also the Green Man, Lord of the Forests, in order to ensure the return of the green of the meadows and forest, with new animals frolicking for their pastures.

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Activities for Ostara


Some traditional Ostara practices are picking wildflowers, or just buy some randomly chosen at the florist. It is important at this time of renewal of life, doing a walk through gardens, parks or forests. It is not necessary to do anything else, the walk itself should be a celebration, a kind of ritual for nature itself.
Other traditional activities include the planting of seeds, work in gardens, and all other forms of working with herbs: magical, culinary, cosmetic and artistic. It is particularly suitable for preparing Bach Flowers, tinctures and homeopathic remedies or make bags with herbs or flower petals: Honeysuckle to attract wealth and increase psychic perception when rubbed on the third eye; Lily for purification, faith, courage, and wisdom; Jasmine to attract abundance and prophetic dreams; Rose to vibrate in love or to use as protection, luck, healing; Violet for love and protection.

Psychological and spiritual

Meditate on what you want to start again, or the new things you want to attract. You must pay special attention to your thoughts, dreams and desires, they must always be formulated in positive.
Make meditations focusing on a flower or a tree, make a simple connection with them, internalizing your potential fertility, beauty and harmonious growth, understanding your emotions and innermost thoughts.
Ostara is a good season to visualize situations, people or habits you want to take deep roots.  However: be careful what you wish for … remember that when it comes to people’s free will, it should  not be disrespected or invaded.
It is also a good time to get rid of old stuff and start something new!  By planting seeds (of any kind), visualize a project you want to see grow and bear fruit.
Tune both symbolically and physically with the elements: Earth (the practical and material) and water (the psyche, intuition, emotions) that are the traditional givers of life and fertility.  It is also a good time to ask for material goods or projects involving economic abundance, management of feelings and the application and development of the sixth sense.


A gift to Gaia

Plant a tree

You can use a seed or buy a plant and transplant it when appropriate. The important thing is that you do it with a sense of gratitude to the planet, the universal Mother, for everything she has done for you, nourishing you every day of your life.

Help an animal

From a bird/squirrel feeder to volunteer some help in animal shelters. Do something for other living being with a sense of gratitude and selfless love.

Vibrate in harmony

According to the Maharishi Effect, when a small percentage of the population has access to a state of inner peace, that peace is reflected in the outside world. Try meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi or any other discipline that promotes your inner peace!

Since we are opening a new cycle, I always do a Reading to tune in with the energies of renewal. Read more here.  What magical activities have you planned for Ostara? Which is your favorite one? Please let me know!

Lots of Love,

Amber Witch.

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