Your Runic Horoscope for April!

A Month for Changes!

Now that we are out of the All Fool’s Day energy and prepared to receive that of the Full Moon, let’s see what the Runes have in stock for you during April:

Aries: Isa

Time to calm down Aries. Make some inner work and check what you need to let go. Be careful with new people in your life, they might not be what they seem. Do not force things, let them be and flow when the time is appropriate. Make some cleaning and cleansing in your home, there is a tendency to confusion.


ISA Rune

Taurus: Perth, Reversed.

Somebody is keeping a secret, Taurus! Be patient and do not judge this month’s situations by outward appearances, use logic and your providential patience. It is a good moment to meditate and make changes, and to take advantage of the Spring Energy to start again! Finish whatever is holding you back, rooting you to the past.


Perth Rune

Gemini: Ansuz, Reversed.

You love communication Gemini, but it’s better if you start this month hearing yourself first. Reconnect with what is important, and be careful of what you say and to whom. Do not reveal your projects until they are ready to bloom. Hear what others have to say. Analyze, understand, ponderate.


Ansuz Rune

Cancer: Inguz

So many blessings for you this month Cancer! Good intuition, fertility (of all kinds) and growing abundance is the promise of this Rune. Take advantage of this wonderful energy matching Spring’s and make your own inner Spring Cleaning. You are ready to grow and evolve. Nourish your body, mind and soul properly.


Inguz Rune

Leo: Algiz, Reversed.

You willl feel vulnerable Leo, which is extremely rare for you! Take care of your health, particularly if you have any adiction. You could use some help right now. Be careful of psychic vampires (aka, the “friends” who are there only to ask but never to give, and always guide you where you do not truly want to go).


Algiz Rune

Virgo: Berkana.

A wonderful match for this month: changes, new goals, fruitfulness. Healing is on the way, do your part to guarantee it. Love is also in your path, embrace it and start afresh with somebody new or reinvigorating an established relationship. Love yourself first.


Berkana Rune

Libra: Uruz, Reversed.

Avoid being stubborn, Libra! You might lose great opportunities if you do not hear what others have to say. Do not resist change. It’s time to go for a check-up! You might feel weak this month, look for medical causes first. Avoid violence, you are more intelligent than that.


Uruz Rune

Scorpio: Laguz, Reversed.

Your intuition might suffer some blocking this month, Scorpio. Do not let that stop you. You are great analyzing and understanding, so use logic and refocus on what you really want. Keep your emotions under control. Meditation and exercise will help you to carry on.


Laguz Rune

Sagittarius: Ehwaz, Reversed.

Things will go slower than expected, Sagittarius. Take it easy and look for help. Understand that you cannot control everything. Be positive and avoid taking drastic measures. If you are single, is a good moment to look for your soulmate.


Ehwaz Rune

Capricorn: Sigel.

With great power comes great responsibility, Capricorn! You will be full of energy and ready to make decisions. Be careful with the stress management. Success, healing and victory await you!, be humble and avoid indulging in excess.


Sigel Rune

Aquarius: Kano, Reversed.

Openness to new ideas and people is key this month, Aquarius. You will feel off balance and low of energy and creativity. Do not force yourself. Be careful with fire and wounds the next weeks. Focus your attention and do one thing at a time. Meditate and take it easy.


Kano Rune

Pisces: Odin.

You will get what you need, Pisces, not want you want! Rest assured that it is going to be in your best interest. Life is wonderful, so expect the unexpected and adapt. Trust what the Universe is telling you, you are being guided by superior forces.


Odin Rune

All my Runes Readings since the Spring Equinox talk about deep changes (no wonder!). I think we are getting to a point where we have to make important decisions. Whatever you do and decide, please do it with love and selflessness. We have the opportunity to raise the vibrational rate of our planet. Please contribute with your best.

Lots of Love,

Amber Witch.

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