Tarot and the doors to your subconscious mind (II)

Use Tarot cards for Holistic Improvement! (II)

In the previous post, we started to explore how your senses are the doors to your subconscious mind: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste, and how  you can steadily change the way you channel and manipulate energy by reprogramming your subconscious mind using Tarot.

We already explored the First Door: Sight. In this post we will work with Tarot to open and use the second door.

Tarot reading

Tarot reading Amber Witch

Second Door: Hearing.


Can you hear a Tarot Card? Of course you can! You can visualize the sounds and also get some extra help with music or environmental recordings.

Again, structure your practice in a way that allows you to follow the same steps every day. Here, we will keep working with a simple step-by-step:

  • Choose the card that represent the inner work you want to accomplish (Major Arcana). This can be the same Tarot Card you worked with in the previous post.
  • Also, to activate the hearing aspect, you may use in this case a different card that represents self-improvement to grasp knowledge, retain important information (improving memory), develop better communication skills with this environment or with another realms, until developing or reinforcing clairaudience abilities. (Clairaudience: the power or faculty of hearing something not present to the ear but regarded as having objective reality)
  • Choose only one (01) card. You are going to work with it for seven days.
  • Always use the card upright.
  • Every night, just before going to sleep, take a minimum of three and a maximum of five minutes to visualize the chosen card.
  • Visualize yourself as the character depicted in the card.  Then, visualized as the character, close your eyes: take note of the sounds and music you would perceive if you were the character. Let your imagination play the part. For example: if you chose The Hermit, visualize yourself on top of a mountain, holding your staff and the lamp. Then, close your eyes and hear the wind blowing, the echoes of the mountain and of other people escalating, the sound of the lamp oscilating, the animals that might be moving around you, et cetera.
  • Once the three or five minutes have passed (set a timer), visualize these environmental sounds in the back of your head, where your cerebellum is located.
  • At this point, you can play some music matching the inner work you want to perform with the Tarot Cards while meditating in your goal,  planting deeper the Tarot archetype and its symbols in your subconscious mind, and letting it work the whole night.
  • Also, you can state once in a positive way, a short sentence (that you should prepare beforehand) in which you decree that you are achieving your self-improvement goal. You can also visualize your Divinity or inner guide stating it for you.
  • After the visualization work, go to sleep and let the process flow naturally.
  • Again, keep the same routine, with the same card, same affirmation and music, preferably about the same hour every night for seven nights in a row.

Tarot: The Hermit

The Hermit

Good tips to keep in mind:


  • What was said about preparing and cleansing the bedroom or meditation space for the observation exercise are also valid here. Also, the same goes for the pencil/paper advice and astrological/astronomical moments.
  • I would recommend to focus in this exercise during three minutes only and then play a short musical/environmental recording related (about three more minutes).
  • It is better if you use instrumental (not necessarily classic) music. You need to retain the feeling of the sound you visualized while you were impersonating the Tarot archetype. Words other than yours would contaminate the process.
  • Do not overexert yourself. Humans are usually unaware of the power of their sense of hearing, since they rely more on their sight. If you push your limits, you might face discomfort or headache. Take it easy.
  • Pay attention to any message/thought that you receive during the exercise. Meditate upon it. Discard the self-hating inner speech. You need constructive critics, if any. This is an exercise to reprogram yourself for better. Love is key.
  • Again, trust the process. Keep doing it in a focused manner.
  • As a side exercise, pay more attention to what others say around you, and the sounds of your everyday life. You will be surprised at the perception changes you’ll be experiencing.
  • Focus in your breathing everyday, until you can hear your heartbeats drumming softly in your ears.
  • You can perform this exercise immediatly after finishing the sight exercise or a few days after. Trust your insticts and enjoy!

Questions or comments? Would like some help to choose the card to start your inner work? Please let me know!

Make the most of your Tarot deck -is not only useful for readings! Wait for the next post with more information soon!

Lots of love,

Amber Witch.

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