Tarot and the doors to your subconscious mind (III)

Use Tarot cards for Holistic Improvement! (III)


We have already used Tarot to work with the First Door: Sight and the Second Door: Hearing. In this post, we will use our Tarot Decks to open the Third Door: Touch.

Remember that these series of posts are aimed to inner work using Tarot and meditation.  The ultimate goal is to steadily reprogram your subconscious mind, so you can change the way you channel and manipulate energy.

Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

Third Door: Touch.


This is what I call the Taboo Sense. People are compelling not to touch: themselves, others, objects. It seems to be a moral and social taboo, even when sex is not involved at all. We grab things, but we do not stop to feel them. Learning to integrate the information of our skin (our largest organ) and to do it without shame or prejudice will help us to better understand our subconscious mind and to redirect it properly for our benefit.

Prepare your practice as you did for your previous exercises.

  • Choose the card that represent the inner work you want to accomplish (Major Arcana).
  • You can use the same Card of the previous exercises. Also, to activate the feeling aspect, you may use in this case a different card that represents self-improvement to connect with your sorroundings until developing or reinforcing clairsentience abilities. Psychometry (as extra-sensory perception) is strongly related to clairsentience.
  • Choose only one (01) card. You are going to work with it for seven days.
  • Always use the card upright.
  • Every night, just before going to sleep, take a minimum of three and a maximum of five minutes to visualize the chosen card.
  • Visualize yourself as the character depicted in the card.  Then, visualized as the character, close your eyes: feel your sorroundings, the way you would perceive them if you were the character. Imagination is key. For example: if you chose The Star, visualize yourself in a meadow. You feel the wind on your skin: is it cold, is it warm? Feel the jars in your hands: their shape, weight, what materials are your jars made up of? Feel the water, the grass, stones, et cetera. Feel these elements in your skin, touching your body.
  • Once the three or five minutes have passed (set a timer), visualize these feelings in the back of your head.
  • At this point, you can touch with the hands of your mind the most important elements of the Card, matching the inner work you want to perform while meditating in your goal,  planting deeper the Tarot archetype and its symbols in your subconscious mind, and letting it work the whole night.
  • After the visualization work, go to sleep and let the process flow naturally. Do not second-guess or torture yourself with suppositions. Let your mind absorb the information peacefully.
  • Again, keep the same routine, with the same card, same affirmation, preferably about the same hour every night for seven nights in a row.


Tarot Card The Star

Meditation on The Star

Some advice:


  • Again, review about preparing and cleansing the bedroom or meditation space for the  exercise Same goes for the pencil/paper (or recording) advice and astrological/astronomical moments.
  • I would recommend to focus in this exercise during three minutes only and then use the hands of your mind to feel the most important elements of the Tarot Card (about three more minutes).
  • The hands of your mind consist in visualizing your hands. They can be as big or as small as you want, made up of flesh or of pure energy. The point here is that are a recognizable part of yourself.
  • Do not push your limits. If any feeling is unpleasant or strange (in an uncomfortable way), do not force yourself to do it. Write it down to explore after exercise. If you feel comfortable, explore it again on the next day’s visualization.
  • If you feel guilt, shame or deep emotional discomfort during this practice (or any other) seek proper medical counseling.
  • Pay attention to any message/thought that you receive during the exercise. Meditate upon it. Notice how your body feels during this exercise.
  • Trust the process. Keep doing it in a focused manner.
  • As a side exercise, touch and feel everything! Hug your family, touch and cuddle your pets, feel your plants, your clothing, fruits, trees, anything that comes to mind! Touch your own skin and keep track of your feelings in a journal. Some important revelations may arise.
  • You can perform this exercise immediatly after finishing the hearing exercise or a few days after. Trust your insticts and enjoy!

Questions or comments? Would like some help? Please let me know! Every practice and path with Tarot are unique, I would like to hear about yours.

Reading Tarot is fun and insightful! Using it for meditation and inner work is incredibly helpful. Wait for the next post with more information soon!

Lots of love,

Amber Witch.

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