Tarot and the doors to your subconscious mind (V)

Use Tarot cards for Holistic Improvement! (V)

Feeding your mind with better stimuli to achieve change is key in the exercises we have performed through these posts. Now we will keep working to achieve a better connection with your mental and spiritual self with the Tarot cards.

You have already activated the First Door: Sight, Second Door: Hearing, Third Door: Touch, and Fourth Door: Smell. Today, you will work with the last one, the Fifth Door: Taste.

Tarot Reading in two realms

Tarot Reading in two realms

Fifth Door: Taste.


As the sense of Smell, Taste is also linked to emotions and memories strongly anchored in our brains. Nowadays, we misuse this wonderful tool. We eat, but we cannot differentiate flavors. And, if you take notice, we favor sweetness and saltiness only, and in such quantities that we cannot enjoy them anymore. Consider this exercise as a simple way to reeducate your relation with food and the appreciation of it.

As usual, prepare and structure your practice:

  • Choose only one (01) card. You are going to work with it for seven days.
  • Always use the card upright.
  • Choose the card that represent the inner work you want to accomplish (Major Arcana).
  • You can use the same Card of the previous exercises. Also, to activate taste, you may use in this case a different card that represents self-improvement to exercise discrimination and discernment in choices until developing or reinforcing clairgustance abilities.
  • Every night, just before going to sleep, take a minimum of three and a maximum of five minutes to visualize the chosen card.
  • Visualize yourself as the character depicted in the card.  Then, visualized as the character, close your eyes: perceive the taste sense of the character.  For example: if you chose The Lovers, visualize yourself as any of the four characters in the card, in Paradise. Close your eyes. What are you tasting? Is your saliva impregnated with any flavor? Of which kind? Is tasty, or not? How do you feel about it? Et cetera.
  • Once the three or five minutes have passed (set a timer), visualize this taste in the back of your head, where your cerebellum is located.
  • At this point, you can prepare no more than a drop or two of the basic tastes (sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness -some say also fattiness and umami).  The idea is to taste them in succession, differentiating how each flavor makes you feel while meditating in your goal,  planting deeper the Tarot archetype and its symbols in your subconscious mind, and letting it work the whole night.
  • Once more, keep the same routine, with the same card, same affirmation, preferably about the same hour every night for seven nights in a row.


Meditation on The Lovers

Meditation on The Lovers

Some advice:


  • Review about preparing and cleansing the bedroom or meditation space for the  exercise. Same goes for the pencil/paper (or recording) advice and astrological/astronomical moments. Keeping a Tarot Journal or Food Journal with your experiences could be extremely useful also.
  • I would recommend to focus in this exercise during three minutes only and then use about three more minutes to concentrate in tasting to reinforce the meditation while breathing deeply.
  • Ahem, some self-control needed here. If you are facing any food addiction, you would probably want to eat something afterwards. Have your proper, balanced meal before the exercise and brush your teeth before and after.
  • Pay attention to any message/thought that you receive during the exercise. Meditate upon it. Take note of your emotions, feelings and cravings during this exercise.
  • Trust the process. Keep doing it in a focused manner.
  • As a side exercise, enjoy everyday flavors! Take note how you feel with the different foods, beverages and natural flavors of daily life. It’s better if you try some meals lowering or cutting down the sugar/salt/ flavor enhancers additives.
  • You can perform this exercise immediately after finishing the touching exercise or a few days after.

Your experiences and opinions are most welcome, please let me know if there are also any doubts or anything you would like to share! Please let me know!

If you finished all the exercises and logged your experiences in a Journal, now is the perfect time to analyze them and determine how do you felt then and feel now. Hope these series of posts have been useful, and that you find Holistic Enlightment in your life.

Lots of love,

Amber Witch.

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